You have the opportunity

to be a part of “Tizku L’Mitzvot” farm!

“Tizku L’Mitzvot”


Do you want to be able to observe mitzvot from the Torah, but you aren’t able to?
such as Shmita?

There are so many practical, unique, and priceless mitzvot that people just don’t get the opportunity to observe.
Some mitzvot require a field or a garden, some mitzvot are dependent on owning animals and others depend on your geographical location.

After many years of work, with G-d’s help, we have the solution:
“Tizku L’Mitzvot” Farm, located in the Galilee, is the only communal Jewish Farm in the world that has been created specially to provide access to observing these special mitzvot to every Jewish person.
By taking part in the Farm’s activities, you will be able to observe and merit these mitzvot.
Happily fulfilling the commandments without making a huge effort on your part, all through a reasonable and affordable donation.

"Tizku Lemitzvot" farm is widely accepted and encouraged by the greats of the generation and rabbis of all circles:


This is a unique opportunity to gain access to mitzvot otherwise unavailable to much of the Jewish nation!

mitzvot were given to the Jewish people
mitzvot are practiced and observed today
mitzvot are available to any person in Israel
mitzvot are observed and merited through the Farm

The mitzvot you will get to observe:

Other unique mitzvot observed
Mitzvot observed regarding animals
Mitzvot observed regarding olive trees
Mitzvot observed regarding a vineyard
Mitzvot observed regarding a field

Your Partnership Opportunities:

In moments, you too will be able to participate and merit these land-dependent mitzvots.

By purchasing a family package, you will be eligible to receive digital copy of chapter from the book “Lost Treasures” – free of charge.

Can I use miser donation money?” YES!


You will merit mitzvot instantly through your partnership with the Farm! Certain mitzvot are observed any moment of the day without relation to what action is being taken now. For example, the mitzvah of Shmita is kept throughout the 7th year; at every moment, the soil on the Farm gets to rest and rejuvenate.

To meet the fluctuating needs of Klal Yisrael, we have created 3 partnership options for the “Tizku L’Mitzvot” Farm. Choose the option that best meets your needs:

You will receive a “partnership agreement” and “partnership certificate” in your email momentarily. You will be formally acknowledged for your role and participation and will merit the observance of 50 unique, land-dependent mitzvot.

Do you want

to merit

land-dependent Mitzvots?