Information about the farm

The “Tizku Lemitzvot” Farm was founded in the year of tashsad (2003-2004) with the affirmation and blessings of Israel’s greatest.

The farm is a unique project meant to observe special land-dependent mitzvot to merit every Jewish person in Israel and the world. Specifically, mitzvot that are land-dependent to Israel.

The farm is in the northern galilee near mount Meron.
The farm cultivates olive trees, vineyards, wheat fields, and more.

The farm has accepted the validation of Israel’s most significant from all paths, which has ruled that when a Jewish person is joining and purchasing a partnership in a farm, they get the benefit of the observing land-dependent mitzvot and get merit for their observance on the farm even without their active involvement. Passive merit if you will.

Moreover, some believe that Chazal had said that observing those unique mitzvot is accelerating the redemption and inducing a sacred vibe to any who participate, even by remote participation.
This person gets the benefit of the written mitzvah in as much as he had sacrificed all that needed and may gain great treasures by doing so.

The “Tizku LeMitzvot” farm is supervised by Hagar” I Efrati Shalit,” ahead of the Beit Hamidrash for Halacha in the settlement.

The farm’s partners get to observe about 50 mitzvot. Some land-bounded or dependent and others such unique mitzvot with a fair monthly fee.

The Last year (Tashpb) was a year of Shmita.

In the year of the Shmita, there are only 7 mitzvot. Less than normal.

The farm’s partners get to observe the Shmita’s mitzvot and other unique mitzvot, for a total of 28 mitzvot.

The “Tizku LeMitzvot” farm is the only farm that operates even in the sixth year.

That is why the “Tizku Lemitzvot” farm is the only farm that observes mitzvot on the year of the Shmita, which is a continuation from the mitzvot that has been observed on the sixth year.