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Everything you need to know about the "Tizku L’mitzvot” Agricultural Farm

Partners of the farm get to participate in 50 unique land-dependent mitzvot, 10 of which are rare mitzvot that are not land-dependent that you will merit to observe. It is essential to understand that certain mitzvot are applicable only during the year of the Shmita. At the same time, some mitzvot, such as harvesting, aren’t observed during that year.

Excellent question! This is how it works. Chazal has said, “shluhu she a’adam kemoto,” which translates to the person’s messenger equally representing the person. This allows each Jewish person to observe the mitzvot by applying that logic. Every partner in the farm gets to have an assigned part of the land area (worth at least a dime). By having said partnership for the area of land, the person is legitimately a partner and merits all mitzvot observed within the farm area, whether they are the “positive” or “negative” mitzvot. The observance and the halachic nuances are supervised by the best ha-midrash for halacha in the settlement.

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Every moment matters! Every moment you partner with the farm to observe the mitzvot merited in the farm, you gain vast spiritual payment. On principle, to keep all of the practical mitzvot the farm offers, including the mitzvot during the Shmita year, you would need to be a partner for 7 years. Shmita aside, you can merit observing all other mitzvot with a 3-year long partnership. (The shemita year will apply on the day of Tishrei Tashpb on August 3, 2021 for their share).

No. Rare mitzvot are kept on the farm, halacha that most people, even knowledgeable scholars, will not be familiar with. Those appointed to observe the mitzvot on the farm have delved into the depths of the mitzvot and serve as your proxies. We ensure that the team will keep the mitzvot according to halacha in the most glorified way.

Of course there is! The halachic supervision for observing the mitzvot on the farm is by the best ha-midrash for halacha in the settlement, overseen by Rabbi Yosef Efrati Shalita, also known by some as the highest authority on the observance of land-dependent sources in our days.

All partners get notified by email before the observance of mitzvot, we then upload photos and videos from the farm to the website and send copies by mail to each partner.

The farm was first established in 2004, although we decided to close it down following the second Lebanon war. The farm reopened soon after that and has been operational since.

The farm is in the northern galilee near mount Meron.

Land-dependent mitzvot demonstrate the Jewish people’s connection and love for the holy land. Our sages said that the land-dependent mitzvot may be the basis for the redemption of the Jewish people. And that they will induce a blessed and abundant state within the people that observe them.

In the practice of the world, everything that is rare is more expensive anyway. All the more so in the world of Judaism, there are mitzvahs that are in the scope of ‘mat mitzvah’ such as the mitzvahs that a person is not obligated to do. A man of great wisdom wrote that when a person seeks to fulfill the mitzvot that he is not obligated to keep, the scriptures appear to him as if he had fulfilled all of the mitzvot, and the late Ari wrote that a person must be reincarnated until he fulfills all three mitzvot.

The partnership on the farm is personal. Yet, to make it financially accessible to many people, we have created a couple and family package so that every family member can merit these unique mitzvot. A partnership costs 26 shekels per person, 29 shekels for a couple’s package, and 52 shekels for a family package.

Yes! Even though women are not required to observe some mitzvot, if they decide to partner in the mitzvot then they gain the merit of them. Nevertheless, many of the mitzvot the farm observes are of the kind women can observe.

By discretion. The priority is the halachic method. Yet, if possible, the farms will do so to deepen and cover more bases.

Yes, there are special times a tour can be arranged.

A partner can terminate their payment plan at any moment by sending an email to the farm’s email address: Tizku613@gmail.com or through their credit card company. Notice: Stopping the partnership terminates your collaboration of observance of all mitzvot on the farm.

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