Congratulations on your partnership with the “Tizku Lemitzvot” Farm!

Notice –it is essential to know that some of the mitzvot taking place throughout the year on the farm depend on time or action, such as: in the year of the Shmita, seeding, harvesting, sowing, etc. and you, as a partner, will merit them on the day they take place on the farm.

And some mitzvot are not dependent on time nor action. Those are the ones that you get to merit from this moment, and in each moment, you are a partner to the farm. From the “Sefer Ah-Hinuch” (book of education):

  1. To inherit the land of Israel and not place it in the hand of gentiles.
  2. To not sell a piece of the land of Israel to a gentile.
  3. Do not sow hybrids.
  4. Do not sow crossbreed vineyards.
  5. Do not assemble hybrids.
  6. Do not trespass thy neighbor borders.
  7. To sanctify the God’s name.
  8. Orla.
  9. Neta Revai.

Merit Mitzvot!